Diet & Nutrition

Part of this class is service work. Beginning next week we will meet with various places to find which company has a need which works with Diet & Nutrition.

Daily needs requirement
2600 kcal/day
85 grams of fat
60 grams of proteins
250 grams of carbohydrates
240 milligrams cholesterol
30 grams fiber
40-55 grams sugar/day

Walking is the best way to lose weight.

Nutrients-nourishing substances we derive from food.
Chronic-24 hour/day or long lasting
Saiety-fullness or satisfaction
Hunger-physical desire to eat
Appetite-physiological desire to eat
Moderation-portion size

Classes of nutrients

Water  (In cold weather you need to hydrate more)

Settings for Refrigerator 42 degrees, Freezer 32 degrees, and water heater 120 degrees

What affects appetite?
water, health, exercise, smell, texture, mood, metabolism, medication, visualization, stress, hormones, gender, environment, ads and restaurants.


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