You Are Important

Recently I was speaking to an older individual whose children had all grown. This individual lamented that they had no reason to live to which I told them they had great importance to live. Sometimes we look at the box from the wrong direction. This person had a lot to offer because their presence was a gift to others.

Most of the people I work with are older. This person didn’t see she was a gift to me. She sits in her room in a very impersonal place. There are lots of people around. But, they are so busy making sure everyone’s needs are met that there really isn’t a lot of extra time. But, we can try to pay a little closer attention to them when we tend to their needs.

Another person told me she cries often. Another wished to die. All because they are so lonely. I am sure some wish they could be euthanized. This saddens me. I wish I could just pick them up and give them an extra special squeeze or even take them home with me. But, I’ve already been told I can’t bring them all home.

As you all know well I am a huge proponent of giving your time away to something important. Go visit your neighbor even if they have family. Everyone needs someone to visit

And as for you who are by yourself, you have a purpose. The little time I spend with you, you teach me. No, not things. You teach me compassion and love. You give me purpose in return.

I realize there are times when you will be alone and dark thoughts might come in. Do me a favor and think of me – the stranger who sees you in the store, in a room, or walking down the street. You might be the person I need today.

  • The purpose of life is to glorify God in both good and hard times alike. 
  • T. B. Joshua
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    1. We have alot in common. Love your blog.

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