Peaceful Relaxing Bath

Imagine you are coming home from a very stressful day.  The kids are screaming or dogs are barking begging for attention.  We have all had those days where we are looking for a few restful moments to enjoy some quiet time.  Our days have been hectic and busy.

Relaxation is what we are looking for.  We wish we could head to the mountains or the beach and soak up what God has given us – nature.  But, because we are confined to responsibilities of life, we are unable to leave at this moment.

So we go about our busy day, and look for other opportunities to experience some sort of relaxation.  That’s when it hits us, let’s go spend a few moments relaxing from the day to day stresses and enjoying a warm bath with lights down low, and bath salts to help take away the soreness we have in our body.

Try some All About You – Bath Salts.  There are a variety of sizes, and scents to help you unwind.

Your Daily Word Prompt – Relaxation – December 27, 2018


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