Making Something Out of Nothing

Christmas wrappings

Tis the season of giving…Each year about this time we rush about preparing for Santa to come and Christ’s birth.   And special presents for our love ones…We think that we need to give that awesome gift or spend more money than we have so that our love ones can have what they want. 

Recently my husband and I read The Best Christmas by Lee Kingman.  It was written in 1940.  To briefly explain the story line of the book, Erkki Seppala and his family didn’t have very much money.  He, his siblings, and parents looked forward to Matti coming home from the boats, bringing special Christmas presents.

But, this year would be different.  The winter storms had come in and thrown the boat off course.  It didn’t appear he would be there for Christmas.  Everyone was so depressed.

Erkki began noticing that there was a wide variety of items around the house to make the holiday better, if only he put them together.  Needless to say, Christmas ended up being very nice.  And although the presents weren’t store bought, Erikki made each person in his family something special – from his heart.

Often we think we need to go out and purchase the latest item.  Some of the best presents I have had were made from the heart.  Erkki found things around the house which he could be use to make presents.  And for him, the greatest present he received was seeing the happiness on everyone’s faces as they opened their presents.

What do you have around the house or what special talent do you have which could be given as a present?  Erkki tied branches together to give to his father so that he could whittle with his younger brother.  Do you have rope which you can create a gift out of?  You could possibly make a rug, a coaster, and/or basket out of rope.  You might have that around your house.

You say you do not have rope.  Do you have flour and water?  Maybe those bananas are getting old.  Have you thought about making banana bread, or pudding?  Just look around your house and see what you can combine to give as a gift.

You say that neither of those is something that speaks to your heart.   Maybe you feel it needs to be a little more special.  Maybe you would like to give someone special bath salts.  Well, let me tell you, it is not that hard.  And you have the ingredients around the house.

You want to make perfume.  All you really need is a carrier oil, essence and spices which you may have in your cabinet.  Okay.  So you say you aren’t so talented.  How about painting a room, or putting up curtains for the person you love?  Just put a note inside a box and let the person know that you really care and would like them to have something extra special which would make their life easier.

It is the giving of ourselves which makes the season extra special.  You see there is always a way to make something out of nothing.  You just have to look around the house and find a way to put it together. 



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