Acquiesce, only after you know yourself

The strongest and most effective force in guaranteeing
the long-term maintenance of power is not violence
in all the forms deployed by the dominant to control the dominated,
but consent in all the forms in which the dominated
acquiesce in their own domination.
– Robert Frost

Acquiesce means to accept, comply or submit tacitly or passively according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.   Each person has to decide whether the choice he/she makes is the correct choice.  We all have our own views and beliefs.  Our forefathers decided whether they would acquiesce to the countries’ laws and beliefs which they came from or leave to pursue a better life elsewhere. Or even make changes where they were…  It all depends on the person.

Based on the rules of the game, all the players submit and comply with the rules of the game, or the players would not be able to play the game or at least the game would have to be called something else.  Can you imagine going to a chest tournament where one of the players decided that the pawn could behave as a knight and move more freely about the board?  The players in the game would end up fighting or quitting because no one would be able to get anywhere.  We all acquiesce at one point or another.

In regards to ourselves, when should we acquiesce?  If your boss asked you to forge some documents, would you do it?  What if your significant other said they wanted create an open relationship?  Or a friend asks if you could change the grades in the computer to create a better outcome for the both of you?  Could you say yes without having an issue?  Or the dream job were to become available, you are called for an interview, would you acquiesce?  That is what I mean by knowing yourself first.  Some would have no problem with any of these, and others would totally say no way.

The decisions we make must coincide with our belief system.  If we agree to something, and it causes us mental anguish, physical problems or something much worse, should we do it?  It is my contention that the answer is No, no matter what unless it is for the greater good.  Anything that goes against the grain of our true selves will only cause hardship later on.  We shouldn’t follow the crowd just to make others happy.  We should follow the crowd if we knowingly believe we can live with ourselves later.  Each of us has a set of core beliefs (rules) which guide us in our decision.  Therefore, we should acquiesce if we know we can accept ourselves.

“Into every life may come tragedy and triumph. Our goal is to meet both equally with serenity and radiant acquiescence. Yet even from the storm clouds of tragedy, rainbows can appear.”
― Aleksandra Layland, Bind Not the Heart: A Windflower Saga Novella



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