The Divine Mercy

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– These reflections were received in prayer. It’s not meant to be a theologians treatise. I share as they may deepen your personal examination and prayer. 🙏 The soul’s overwhelming desire to be perfectly united to God is met with the agonizing struggle of our human condition in trying to come nearer to God + be loyal to Him… _______________________________________________________________ 🌹 Reflection _______________________________________________________________ “I have been all things unholy. If God can work through me, He can work through anyone.” —St. Francis of Assisi (I believe Francis is referring to his life before conversion. I’m seeing it in light of his lifelong sinfulness.) His words sound exaggerated, but this is seeing our soul in full reality, this is humility. Yet, Francis does not despair, although it seems to push one to the brink. Francis is filled with faith, realizing God lives through him, and hope, seeing God can work through any soul, and awe, at the humility of God that chooses us poor creatures. Realizing God can work through ANY soul, comes only in seeing the depths of his wretchedness, seeing no good of himself, no worthiness, deserving of hell for all his sins. Yet God’s Mercy offers Francis forgiveness, and opportunities to suffer for Him, as countless as the sands, as infinite as the ocean, time, the present moment, to sacrifice his whole self, for a love worth being martyred for, a thousand lifetimes over. Only offering suffering, gives any kind of satisfaction, for this sinful reality, ever present before ones eyes. The distance, that only seems all the more vast, as one approaches the Throne, urges one, to suffer to heal the chasm. It pushes one further… The vastness looks infinite, vileness takes on terrible depths, as Truth pierces one’s soul. The soul, only reaches out for God, with cries and desire, that touch the very core, of the heart of God. It is painful to turn toward God, when our unworthiness, our rejections, our vileness, make the light of Christ unbearable, to approach, to touch. Oh, how much one suffers, to receive, and what little courage one has, to accept an offering, made out of pure mercy, and love. An offering of Christ Himself. Lord, You are life itself. Let us suffer the worst martyrdom, than to ever part from You. Love beyond all loves. Nothing in life compares to You. We are nada, nada, nada… Take all that we are, all our “nothing,” and make us ONE with You. Only on that Holy Day, will we rise with courage, to see, our hearts restlessness cease, all searching come to an end, bloodshed on the souls battlefield over, gone are the cries for all the wrong turns we took, all the illusions that deceived us, all the inclinations that tore us from Your heart, all the pain we caused others, all the inability to stay true to Your love, all the suffering for turning on Your infinite love and goodness, over and over, being unable to give up our infidelities and struggling for the courage to turn to your mercy, suffering with our sinful self until we can finally be secure in You without wavering, and no longer see self or our sinfulness, but look within, and see only YOU. My Beloved speaks: …[ I ] will wipe every tear from your eyes. What eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and what has not entered the human heart, what I have prepared for you who love [Me.] Amen. | Facebook


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