Certified Nursing Assistant

So you are thinking about being a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you hear about those stories about how bad it is.  Well, it isn’t.  Yes, you will do a lot of things to help the patient/resident.  But, what makes it not as bad – will be the mindset.  By mindset, I mean how you are thinking, feeling, and perceiving the work.

All work is honorable.  Without each of us fulfilling our calling, there will be an incompleteness.  My personal opinion is many positions actually should be paid so much more than what is actually market value.   But, that is really beside the point of this writing.

I have found it is very gratifying to work with people.  Certified nursing assistant work closely helping others to do things which they cannot do on their own for one reason or another.  They work closely with the medical staff to make sure the patient/resident gets the best possible medical care possible.

Working as a CNA is a rewarding career.  You work with people who have a variety of needs.  If the time is taken to listen to each patient while working, the position will be less taxing, and time will go by so much faster.  And as an added bonus the position will be more enjoyable.

Each state has their own laws for becoming a CNA.  Many states (quickly becoming all states within the USA) require certification.  Classes are taught everywhere.  They can be found at local community colleges, institutions, and a some two year universities.  My advice is to do your research.  The quality and expense can vary greatly.  In addition, you may have to evaluate whether you have time to go for an extended amount of time or whether it is really important to finish quickly.  There are differences between going all day everyday and half day.

Once the classes are completed, it will be time to sit for the exam.  There are two parts to the exam (a written and a practical).  The classes should have prepared you for the exam.  I have a page which can provide additional detail. Please feel free to incorporate it into your studies (CNA Notes).  The proctor will administer the test, giving the score immediately once everyone has completed.  In about two weeks, the state will have you registered in their database.

Happy CNA working from that day onward, unless there are other prerequisites for your location.  As you can see, becoming a CNA is not what you hear.  It is what you make it.  If you chose to make it a rewarding career, it will be that way. If you chose to think it is just a job, then that will be self-fulfilling.  Do not let others color your inspiration.  You control your destiny.  You never know if through your time as a CNA, you find yourself wanting to further your career.  This is a great way to understand what others in the medical field do.  Go for it!


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