Seeds of Greatness

Each person is created with a uniqueness of purpose.  Many times throughout our lives we fail to see how integral we are to whole of the universe.  We doubt how very special we are.  Please take a moment to realize that God made you just the way you are and appreciate it.

Each of us have gifts which although may seem insignificant are exactly what another needs at this very moment.  So you feel inadequate because you don’t read well.  That’s okay because there is someone out there who needs to be with a person like you who brings a smile upon his/her face.

If you can sing, but hide the ability because of your fear of what others may think.  Are you not hiding a bit of your light which someone might need?  Could that hidden gorgeous gift possibly be the gift that someone might need at this very moment?  Be proud of who you are.  Give of yourself like there is no other like you.  And enjoy every moment knowing you are a gift from God who is here at this very moment to bring a smile to someone’s face.

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