What do I have to give?

This past Monday was my first day with service learning. And MAN am I learning…I originally thought this given task was going to be others. But, it is all about me. I know that sounds crazy to say. It is about others, but what they are giving me is much more than what I am giving them.
They are so beautiful inside, and don’t even know it. That sounds like a country song. Over the weekend I wasn’t sure how to prepare for our first meeting. I didn’t know the needs or desires or where or what God wanted me to do except serve.
So I created a little flyer with some simple information to use to break the ice. I decided I would serve them breakfast. Not knowing if I would have access to a kitchen or anything, I decided to create the meal before hand. The breakfast was egg, cheese bagels (homemade) with orange juice.
This is what I had thirsted for. It is so good to be there for someone. It doesn’t have to be much. I believe God meant for us to serve one another. It can be carrying in your next door neighbor’s grocery into the house or even hugging someone who is having a rough day. I challenge you to extend your hand to the co-worker who needs the ride to work or helping anyone or anywhere within your community.
If we all work within our communities with the idea of leaving it in a much better place, then I know this world will continue to blossom. That doesn’t mean we try to change people from who they are. It means accepting everyone in their frailties and do something to lighten their load.
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  1. Nice one!!!
    I nominated for a liebster award which I know you deserve. I look forward to receiving your response soon

    1. Thank you Timbushi. Sorry I haven’t answered. Got a little busy with mid-terms, projects and external obligations. Could you tell me how to proceed? Thank you once again! 💕🤗

      1. All the information u need is contained in a post I titled “nominated :leister award “. Just browse through my recent posts u will get all the informations needed for the acceptance post.
        Thanks for accepting it… Awaiting to learn a little more about you… And good luck with your projects.

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