$50/Month & Food?

According to many articles the Mediterranean diet is supposed to be one of the healthiest in the world. With that in mind, I decided that use it as a basis for my menu planning.  Below is the basic menu plan for a month based of  Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 450 Best Mediterranean Diet RecipesMenu

I have been assigned to work with a couple of pregnant young ladies.  From what I understand, they will stay in one shelter until their babies are 7 months, then move to another until they can get on their feet.

The above menu will need to adapted for accessibility, financial ability, and life factors.  Being pregnant means their bodies will need certain nutrients to help support the baby and after depending on whether they chose to breastfeed or not will require other nutrients.

I decided to approach this as if they have finite funds.  Thus, no government assistance.  This may change once I meet them, but I need to currently plan for the most difficult.  In order to make it more realistic, I went by a local store near the inner city so that I could begin meal planning. The manager said who do not have government assistance live off of 50-100 dollars.  I cannot imagine living off of so little to eat.

Certain food items would be out of the question.  Most probably the best way to approach this would be to purchase staples and add to your pantry as you can.  Also, it might be easier if you have a bit of space to plant a pot or two of vegetable favorites.  In order to lower the sodium content to make it more healthy, can goods should have the water poured off and rinsed.  How can I be of the most help?  Does anyone have an idea on factors that I need to consider or healthy recipes that are quick and easy to make which can be shared?  It would need to be economical.  Thanks!

Looking forward to learning and sharing with them.


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