Service Learning

As part of being a student at a local private catholic university, the students are asked to volunteer in the community through various classes.  I have chosen Catholic Charities for my Diet and Nutrition class.  Catholic Charities helps numerous factions of the community.  They work with immigrants and refugees, homeless, abused, and underprivileged to name a few.

Last Thursday, I met with the Catholic Charities program administrator to discuss the areas in which I could be of service.  Their immediate need was to have someone answer the phone and organize care packages for various individuals, who need assistance.  However, I will need to assist in another area since this is for Diet and Nutrition.

I am supposed to be connected with a shelter for women.  It is my understanding that there are usually a maximum of six women at any one time there.  I have been asked to create simple easy meals for them while I am explaining to them how to eat meals that are more nutritious.

My game plan will be to show them how to eat a healthy meal on a small budget using everyday items, which are reasonably priced, at the local stores.  I frequently hear that some sections of society have no other chose but to eat foods, which can cause heart disease and diabetes as well as a whole host of other health issues.

I anticipate gaining insight and learning from doing this service learning in these areas:

1.     Exposure to their meal planning techniques

2.     Exposure to the obstacles which create difficulties in eating healthy

3.     Gaining insight into their lives and cultural aspects of eating

4.     Exposure to their belief system which may hinder eating healthy

Through this experience, I will learn how to deal with people from various socioeconomic backgrounds.  It will teach me how to have compassion for others on their level and create an openness to accept the world as it is.  The rewards far exceed any time, which is spent.  The experience will guide me deeper into the presence of The Blessed Trinity.


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