That time we went to Lourdes and our son was healed

Faithful, Not Successful

After the baths, during the rest of our week in Lourdes, our pod members commented on how alert Oscar seemed. He was, too! I chalked it up to having the undivided attention of seven (or 400!) adults — being the constant star of the show certainly would have been engaging. But also, I knew there was something mysterious in the air around us. The graces of that place are so thick you can almost cut them with a knife. He babbled, he smiled, he watched the world with curiosity and intentness.

The Saturday after we returned from Lourdes, Todd was driving our family home in the van. Oscar began to fuss, and I jumped back a row from my passenger seat to amuse him in the hopes of avoiding a full-scale meltdown (they tend to be contagious).

I talked and sang silly songs, and he began to cheer up, watching…

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