AP II First Class-Digestive system

We will study the digestive system in the class ahead of the lab.  On the AP page, you will find both the digestive and nervous system (nervous system studying in the lab).  I will go in more detail on that page.  If you have a chance, please check out Professor Fink‘s videos on the digestion system.  I found him to be very thorough.

The digestive system goes from the mouth to the anus.  The mouth is used for mastication which is the process of chewing..  It breaks down food.  It is made up of multi-layer stratified squamous.

The cells within the alimentary canal changes every three days.  There are four layers of alimentary tract.


Four Layers of Alimentary Tract

  • Mucosa is the inner most layer of the alimentary tract.  It is made up primarily of Epithelium and Mucus Cell.  The lumen is the tube in the center of the alimentary tract.
  • Submucosa is the 2nd layer.  It contains blood vessels, nerves and the lacteals.  Lacteals are the lymph vessel.
  • There are two layers of muscle which comes next.
    • The inner most layer called circular fibers
    • Longitudinal Fibers
  • Serosa is the outer most layer
    • Visceral Peritoneum which covers the organs
    • Parietal Peritoneum which lines the peritoneal cavity

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!  Have a great day!



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