How far will you go to be like Christ

So you say you want to be like Christ. Really? How far will you follow him? To the cross…Are you willing to endure the pain of others sins? Do you love him and me that much? I started thinking about it this morning. At first, I thought sure no problem. I can feel his pain and love as deeply. Then I started to look at it more logically.

Ok, let us do a little equating to put it in some sort of perspective. One little white lie equals a sore which will not heal. One moment speaking ill of someone equals a rash that will not go away. So you are saying to yourself this isn’t so bad. Don’t worry; we haven’t even begun to list everyone’s sin that you will be carrying.

Did someone take God’s name in vain? That’s a commandment. Let’s make that one equate to a strand of hair following out of your head for every time someone uses God’s name in vain. Now, I know you most probably starting to look pretty bad. Bear in mind you need to love all those people. I know it is getting hard. I mean you are starting to look pretty bad.

How many times have you been to a party where people were being a glutton? Yes, they didn’t know when to quit eating. Whether you realized it or not, gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Well guess what one time being a glutton has caused your breath to stink. Every time someone is a glutton, your stench gets worse. People are turning up their noses when they come near you. Some are even pinching their nostril shut and trying not to vomit. It’s getting bad. Moreover, we are just beginning.

Oh, do you remember that person who killed all those people and all the hate he felt? He gave you one of the cancers for each person he killed. In addition to him, so did everyone who killed someone. You are feeling bad about now. Consequently, how many types of cancer do you have? Do you still want to follow Christ and be just like him? It’s getting pretty difficult now. You are tired, and not looking your best. People are starting to look like you are a pariah. They turn their head because they can’t take how you look.

Do you know someone who does things to get even with others? That is called vengeance. This gives you necrotizing fasciitis (a flesh eating bacterial infection). A new puss pocket pops up for every thought that is allowed to go to fruition. Getting rid of it is nearly impossible because people won’t just stop trying to get even with others.

Now, I know I am envious every now and then. That is “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods.” Sometimes I wish I had more like others, instead of being happy where God has me at this moment. Well, you just got from me Trigeminal Neuralgia that causes pain. I am sorry that I did that to you. I will try to do better. Oops! There I go again. However, I am not the only person who is doing it to you. Did you notice Jed, Frank, Tookie, Betty Jo, and all those others who are wishing they had what others have?
You are getting the idea, now.

If we equated all the sins we know about to an ailment, at what point would we want to give up? Do we have God’s stamina? When I start equating it to a disease or even bullwhipped for everyone’s sin, I wonder how much I love you. Can I carry your sins as Jesus did? Keep in mind he still loves us. He asks us to do the same.

Then I look at what Christ went through, I wonder. He endured so much. Do I have what it takes? Can I still love and give without holding a grudge and wishing vengeance on others? God does. I am not asking you to love to the depth that Jesus does. I am asking myself if I can. Can I mortify my senses for Christ, and what he does for me? How can I lessen His load?

It has put things in perspective. Today after thinking like that, I found that I could not be so hard on others and needed to pray more fervently. I needed to be more forgiving, more loving, and like Christ and try to endure other’s sins in the same manner that Christ did without a sound—like a sheep before the shearers.




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