The Farmer & Johnny Popper

Once there was a farmer who went out to the fields every day.  Frequently, he went in the rain.  His days were long and hard.  The blistering sun would beat down on him during the hot summer days.  He always took his trusty companion with him to seed, and to plow the fields.  Everyone called his friend Johnny Popper.  You see Johnny was large and massive.  He always puttered around making a popping sound.  Anything he was called upon to do, he would just jump to it.

When the farmer first began his partnership with Johnny both were in their prime.  You would always see the two together in the fields, working diligently to get the job done.  They could tackle most anything, even pulling down large trees together.  They each knew how to tackle their job.  Sometimes, when the farmer wasn’t feeling well, Johnny would get a break.  But, he was always there for the farmer.  And when Johnny needed a bit of loving, the farmer knew right what to do. 

As the years wore on, the farmer began to work with others.  Johnny was still there, but he had seen his best years behind.  Passersby would see Johnny and comment to the farmer how his trusty companion wasn’t quite up to par anymore.  The younger ones were more efficient and quicker to the jump.  But, the farmer kept Johnny around because he knew that Johnny even with all his aches and pains still could get the job done when he was up to par.

As the farmer grew older, so did Johnny.  Neither of them were what they used to be.  Johnny popped more and his jump was more pronounced.  Some days Johnny was barely able to move if he even moved at all.  Finally there got to the point when Johnny mostly sat.

Until one day, when a young fellow saw value in Johnny.  He took him on and diligently worked with Johnny helping get the job done.  You see, this new fellow understood Johnny.  He didn’t require Johnny to work so hard.  He didn’t have the large fields that needed to be worked.  He just needed Johnny to help him with his small garden and work around the yard.  You see Johnny was a tractor, a large green 1954 John Deere tractor. 

Note:  Johnny Popper is my husband’s tractor.  I don’t know how he got his name. Consequently, this morning when my husband got up and started speaking about Ole’ Johnny, this story popped in my head.



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